June 11, 2015

The Royalty Experience

The Royal Exp



Royalty Experience

Participants dress up in their finest Prince and Princess attire and enjoy a Royal Celebration.

This event will motivate and empower your “Prince/Princess” encouraging positive self esteem, self image and confidence.

Each “attendee” will take part in fun interactive and motivational activities and exercises..

Topics such as..
fulfilling dreams, believing in yourself, reaching your full potential…
self expression, health and fitness, bullying and etc.

Tea party includes horsd’oeuvres, Karaoke, Line dancing and loads of fun!
*Each Princess will receive a beautiful tiara. 

Your “Prince/Princesses” will be encouraged to discover their talents and gifts and embrace individuality and uniqueness.

Your “Prince or Princess” will strut down the run-way and pose for the camera.


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