Proms, Camels and Lambos… Dubai Invades North Philly

One of the most Epic Prom sendoffs took place this weekend right here in Philadelphia. The controversy over this sendoff has gone viral and folks just can’t seem to stop talking about it. What was so different you ask!?

Let’s start with the theme “Dubai Comes to North Philly.” Saudia  Shuler says it was more like a movie than a prom sendoff and I agree. The leading actors were Eden “JJ” Shuler, Nu.Ski, Lexy  , Tori and a Camel named “Humpy.”  Just kidding, I don’t know the camel’s name. JJ had three dates and three cars. A Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and a Range Rover. He also had three wardrobe changes. Wow, what a story line.

There are certain things you can’t put a price tag on and the measure of a mother’s love is one of them.  Gamma Star Saudia Shuler was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had surgery in 2015 and a bout of other health complications including a stroke at 40 years old and several seizures. For a Mother who wasn’t sure she would be here to see her son graduate, life, happiness and creating unforgettable memories are worth far more than the $25k price tag that came with pulling off such an Epic Event.  Saudia Shuler

People will always have something negative to say, however, what if we spent time to focus on the positive this event brought to Philadelphia. In a city where so many young men don’t make it to graduation, in a city where so many young men are gunned down every day, this young man is headed to college with a 3.8 GPA and choice of scholarships.

Many have argued that JJ. shouldn’t be rewarded for doing what he is supposed to do. I disagree. Saudia said “I had a vision” It was her vision which inspired her to save, to make her vision become a reality and in spite of the many things that didn’t go right. She brought her vision to life.

There was a ton of team work dedicated to making this event a possibility. This hard working Mother Orchestrated a production which has since created media buzz having her and her son Johnny “JJ” Eden Jr. appear on several local TV and radio stations. Many are still visiting the restaurant and the prom scene days after just to see what all the buzz is about, including me.

Sunday night my Sister Courtney and I visited Country Cookin for the first time and the service was awesome. “JJ” and I spoke briefly and I had the opportunity to witness him hard at work trying to ensure things were running smoothly. There were door to door customers the entire time I was there and a few ladies who like myself weren’t even aware the restaurant existed until the sendoff of the century.

In one event, This Super Mom and business woman produced a movie, created a Prom Sendoff like no other and served the community all the while promoting her business. She created memories many will never forget and is leaving a legacy for her only son and his family to come.

Saudia Shuler, you are our Warrior Crush Wednesday and one heck of a Rock Star Mom. We Salute you for a job well done and $25K well spent!!

(Photos Courtesy of Saudia Shuler)

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