Has Kanye Snapped!?

KanyeHas Kanye Snapped?

This is a question many are asking today after several reports of erratic behavior leading up to Kanye being admitted into UCLA for psychiatric evaluation. According to sources he had been suffering from severe sleep deprivation and was being treated for stress and exhaustion. Kanye has been quite unpredictable for years and pretty eccentric to me since the introduction of College Drop Out.

Why must it take someone being admitted into the hospital for a psych evaluation to ignite the need for mental health awareness discussions!? Why are so many people still condemning Kanye for his weaknesses knowing many of us share similar struggles!? Who are we to judge rather or not Kanye’s overly popular rants carry any validity!? Many people fight their own “demons” in silence often times in isolation concealing opinions possibly more deserving of being voiced.  In my opinion, Kanye has been screaming and crying out for help for a long time now.  All rants aside “Listen to his music, watch him dance, look at his clothing line… feel him “zone out!”kanye

Speculations suggest that Kanye “stepped off the deep end” following the untimely passing of his mother in 2007. I know all too well how you can lose yourself grieving the loss of a loved one. Grief, depression and  anxiety can be paralyzing having the power to consume your mind and body. I pray for his “sanity.”

What I do find “crazy” is the many negative and celebratory post of Kanye’s seemingly probable breakdown going viral with little or no empathy at all.

He Needs Help… He’s Crazy, He’s Nutz, He’s High, He’s lost it, He’s snapped….


Kid Cudi consoles Kanye after an emotional performance in Sacramento.


Well one thing is for certain; he does need help and guess what … most of us do too.

By no means am I claiming to agree with many of Kanye’s erratic behaviors or outbursts, however, I am “woke” enough to know his sometimes manic rants aren’t all a figment of his imagination.

Considering the state of America, I would suggest we do less condemning, pointing and blaming and more educating, kneeling and praying.

Watch how the impact of this setback prepares Kanye for an Outstanding comeback!

Kanye for President 2020

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